Friday, 26 January 2018

Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen (Review)

What better way to celebrate your first work week back from the New Year holiday with a fancy dinner with some close friends? We picked Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen situated around Ruamrudee in central Bangkok, a restaurant my acquaintances discussed frequently on my social media feed over the past couple of months. Tonight, was finally the chance to check if Lenzi Tuscan is worth the hype.

To start we got cheese and cold cut platter with champagne.

Our starters

The cold cuts
Salad with artichoke and cheese
For pasta, we ordered pappardelle with beef ragu, spaghetti alle vongole (calm), and spaghetti with bacon and garlic.

Spagetthi alle vongole

Pappardelle with wild boar ragu
The main course, we ordered two beef steaks and one lamb chop.

My friends trying their grilled beef and lamb.
Finally, for desserts, we got chocolate lava with ice-cream and panettone.


Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream


The location: 4/5
Located in the city centre part of Bangkok, the restaurant is in a small alley, which might be difficult to access for those to who do not travel by car. For those with cars, Lenzi provides a convenient valet parking service so that’s definitely a plus.

The Ambient: 5/5
We sat on the top floor, where the ambient was nice, cosy and quiet. There were comfortable chairs and decent lighting.

The Food: 3/5
The food – not the best of value. I like Senzi more…

The five us spent about 15,000 Baht total for the dinner and drinks.

In summary, even though the restaurant is quite popular, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for authentic Italian Cuisine. I personally recommend Senzi or Vino if you ever have an appetite for Italian food.

Until next time…

Pamme. x


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