Friday, 15 June 2018

Eyebrows Secrets

Many of my friends have asked me to do a brows tutorial, so it did one on YouTube (watch here: English version or Thai version), but I also wanted to go a little more into details of the brows products that I mentioned in the video, as well as the products recommendations.

1. Outline your brows with a brow pencil of your choice, skipping the inner part of your brows for now. The shape of the brows depends on the shape of your face, I tend to draw my arches rounder because I have an oval face shape. Thicker eyebrows are preferred since it gives a youthful look.

Outline your brows with a thin pencil.

Products: Brow Pencils

Currently, my favourites are the Slim Brown Pencil by Cosluxe in Deep Brown (£5), and Micro Brow Pencil by NYX in Chocolate or Brunette (£8). I liked these two brands because they are really affordable, brows pencils are one of those products that I use frequently so they tend to run out really quickly. In that past, I have used Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz (£18) for years but decided to change because I can’t get hold of the product while I was out of America and also because it’s comparatively pricy. Nevertheless, all the products mentioned they very well functioned and serves the same purpose.

2. While drawing the brows, it’s important to always measure. It’s a little difficult to explain, watch my video to see how I did it.

The key to perfect brows is to constantly measure them.

3. Apply brows powder (same colour as your hair) at the inner part of your eyebrows to create a more natural look. Then I would use the Pro Pencil from Anastasia’s Beverly Hills to sculpt my brows shape. Lastly, apply nude powder to blend the harsh edges.
Powder the inner part of the brows to create a more natural look.

4. Apply clear brows mascara to keep your hair in place. When I dyed my hair, I would picked a different colour brows mascara that matches my hair colour.

If you’re still not sure on how it’s done, you can check out my eyebrows tutorial on YouTube. I would be so grateful if you could also subscribe.

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