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Free Workouts You Can Do at Home Right Now

As you all must know, our world is under attack by a deadly virus and it has been nearly 5 months since the first case was found, clearly our lives have gone through numerous dramatic changes, but we must press on.

Previously, I used to hit the gym, participate in workout classes or dance classes, a couple of times a week, however, now that all gyms are closed, including the facilities in my condo, I was petrified.

The first few weeks, after the government announced a lockdown, I was in shock and did not workout at all because I didn't know how... but recently I had found access to the kind of workouts that I actually enjoy, and they are free!

Thank you, to all the beautiful people behind the great workout videos and channels, what you are doing is great for the health and well-being of the global community.

Let us dive in and see who some of these gems are!

1. Host BKK ❤️ 

Founded by Pik Sarawanee, an award-winning ballerina, connecting professional dancers from different backgrounds and disciplines from all over the world. With weekly Live scheduled classes on @hostbkk Instagram, the purpose of the class is for you to maintain your body.

"Ballet exercises can be perfectly practiced at home so we can all stay in great shapes! One chair, bar counter or ironing board is enough to do exercises" - Valdimir Ippolitov, Russia Ballet School.

 You will get to experience ballet classes led by principal and soloist dancers such as Maia Makhateli from Georgia, Yumi Aizawa from Japan, Adelson Carlos from Brazil and Valdimir Ippolitov from Russia to name a few...

Other than ballet classes, Host BKK occasionally offers African and contemporary dances too.

2. Carbon38 ❤️

Originally a shopping destination for active fashion, Carbon38 transformed its Instagram into a source for daily Live workout streaming with 3 classes a day from Monday to Friday (6 am, 11 am, 4.30 pm PDT, California time) and 2 classes each on Saturday and Sunday (8.30 am and 3 pm PDT, California time). The style of workout consists of HIIT, cardio boxing, yoga, pilates, barre and even mediation!

3. Class BKK ❤️

This Instagram account combines all the free Live classes for you daily, listing classes from well known fitness facilities, such as Absolute Yoga and Physique57, to independent studios, such as Urban Dance Studio and Tribe. Class BKK is a great place to help you find classes for modern dances like K-Pop, Hiphop and Street Jazz.

4. SaroMove ❤️

Founded by Saro Sawakchim, a professional dancer and fitness instructor, who's doing HIIT training, yoga conditioning and stretching every Monday at 5 pm and Thursday at 9.30 am (GMT+7, Bangkok time). Experience Live sessions with her on Facebook.

5. Natacha Oceane ❤️

I have always been a big fan of Natacha Oceane since before the lockdown. She is absolutely stunning and a British treasure. Natacha does a lot of short videos on her Instagram that you could follow but if you want to get down to business, I suggest checking her HIIT and full body workout videos on YouTube.

6. Pamela Reif ❤️

Another fitness influencer that I like is Pamela Reif. Pamela does a lot of 10-minute workouts as well as 30-minute Live videos on YouTube. Not only that! She also has a food Instagram with recipes for you to stay healthy from inside-out.

7. Courtney Black ❤️

I recently found Courtney's Instagram and I am absolutely in love with her videos. Most of her workouts involve a lot of HIIT and circuits, which are great for cardio and burning those calories off! She even planned out a whole week of workouts for you to follow too -- can I just say she looks amazing!

8. Pilates Station Bangkok ❤️

Before the pandemic, I had been practicing pilates quite often. I am happy that my favourite pilates studio is now doing Live classes on their website. Most of the online classes are mat work and some cardio.

9. Alivia D'Andrea ❤️

Last but not least is stretching, I cannot stress enough how important it is to stretch, particularly at the end of your workout because it keeps the muscles flexible, strong and injury-free. I follow Alivia's routine from YouTube and my goal right now is the do a 180° middle split!

Working out can really lift my spirits and keeps me healthy, physically and mentally. I hope these suggestions help you to do the same!

Lots of love,



Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels


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